A lovely languorous poem of the summer that seems now confined to memory, together with that innocent love. Today I am glad I am old!

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By Sara Teasdale

In the wild soft summer darkness
How many and many a night we two together
Sat in the park and watched the Hudson
Wearing her lights like golden spangles
Glinting on black satin.
The rail along the curving pathway
Was low in a happy place to let us cross,
And down the hill a tree that dripped with bloom
Sheltered us,
While your kisses and the flowers,
Falling, falling,
Tangled in my hair….
The frail white stars moved slowly over the sky.
And now, far off
In the fragrant darkness
The tree is tremulous again with bloom
For June comes back.
To-night what girl
Dreamily before her mirror shakes from her hair
This year’s blossoms, clinging to its coils?

Today poem is in the public domain, belongs to the masses, and appears here accordingly.

Sara Teasdale (1884–1933) received public admiration for her well-crafted lyrical…

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Indie Rage and Public Relations


And it is not because she’s a buddy South African (though nothing wrong with outrage in common) but I think this was worth thinking about. Everybody likes to play David to Goliath, but a good and proper sling is necessary, not just lobbing pebbles for the hell of it.

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The Indie author does much more than write. There are all the learning curves, fiddly bits, and marketing. We are our own publicists. Hugely successful authors like Ann Rice can have as many wobblies as they want to online, but they’ll still be selling lots and lots of books. She’s also traditionally published anyway, so what she does doesn’t besmirch Indie world. I’ve seen enough shame inducing, call your mom a donkey dramas lately from some Indie authors online to wonder what the spectators who just read for pleasure must be thinking.

If you’re online as much as we must be, and on so many various sites, sooner or later you’re going to stumble across a comment or an article that will insert itself firmly up your nostril, and it’s possible that you will then dive right in there and firmly express your opinion. Before doing that though, try and…

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Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories now Released!


As if the self-publishing life was not difficult enough. Nicholas Rossis has launched his collection of short stories with all funds frozen in Greece. The book’s collection is outlined here. Do visit and disseminate.

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Woo hoo, exciting stuff! As promised, Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories has now been released and is available on Amazon.

I was planning on a big promo, but all of my funds are currently frozen (they have even forbidden us access to our safety deposit boxes). Even worse, PayPal has suspended operations in Greece (although I’m busy opening a new, UK-based account). So, I would very much appreciate any help in spreading the word while this mess is sorted out!

The anthology includes the following stories:

  1. Infinite Waters“: A woman seeks her future at a carnival. She discovers more than she expected.
  2. The Twist in the Tale“: A confused woman meanders through a sleepy town. But not all is as it seems.
  3. James’ Life“: A man with nothing to look forward to but oblivion, discovers it’s not that easy to escape…

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