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One Amazing Project!
I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU about the kids of Cateura and their recycled orchestra to make you smile in admiration and hopefully fill your hearts with pride and joy at the human race! A short film about transforming trash into music about love, courage and creativity! In spite of all the chaos and ugliness we’re bombarded with through all our media channels who persist in spreading darkness and fear, the wonder of life and the human race is just incredibly inspiring. People with LIGHT GOODNESS INTELLIGENCE AND GOODWILL do exist everywhere. The general media just does not follow their stories. Criminals get more recognition and world exposure! I SAY – Shame on the Media! Share this with your friends, spread the word, there are many good things happening around the world.

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This is the stuff of writing: George Elliot…Quotes for writers (and people who like quotes)


A sensational writer- and probably my favourite. So deeply compassionate!

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George Eliot quote There is much pain that is quite noiseless; and vibrations that make human agonies are often a mere whisper in the roar of hurrying existence.
There are glances of hatred that stab and raise no cry of murder; robberies that leave man or woman for ever beggared of peace and joy, yet kept secret by the sufferer, committed to no sound except that of low moans in the night, seen in no writing except that made on the face by the slow months of suppressed anguish and early morning tears.
Many an inherited sorrow that has marred a life has been breathed into no human ear.”
- George Eliot

George Eliot

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Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful: Narrative Story of the Week

Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful was a finalist in Narrative Magazine’s Winter Short Story Competition (2014). It has now appeared as Story of the Week (27/July).

Transvaal Farm, Highveldt Storm

Transvaal Farm, Highveldt Storm


Set in pre-Mandela Apartheid South Africa on a poor white farm in the Transvaal, it is entirely fictional as to character but one element of the story was true. You might like to suggest which it was.?

I am grateful to Narrative for choosing to publish so conspicuously! Would be interested in all comments. This is a return to an earlier writing life. Short stories are now queuing for similar respectful attention.

WHY I support and encourage Authors


A missionary ape, with a noble future. All thanks to him from me ( one of his beneficiaries) whose story started with him ( on the Serengeti.) It gains a little traction and the case for its defense is still on his site.

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe Sir Terry Pratchett may have had an excellent point when he surmised that OUR species of Hominid survived, while all the others didn’t, because we were Story Telling Apes, or at least better at telling, and learning through, stories!

I’m not the only one who thinks so, “Our brains are structured to make sense of the world in the form of narratives – stories. Not only that, we are primed to believe the stories we hear.” see the re-blogged post last Thursday HERE!

I concede that there are probably other factors involved as well, but storytelling was (and hopefully still IS) a significant part of our species survival strategy.

If we cease to tell and learn from stories, then we too may become extinct because without them we will have created our very own ELE (Extinction Level Event).

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