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A missionary ape, with a noble future. All thanks to him from me ( one of his beneficiaries) whose story started with him ( on the Serengeti.) It gains a little traction and the case for its defense is still on his site.

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believe Sir Terry Pratchett may have had an excellent point when he surmised that OUR species of Hominid survived, while all the others didn’t, because we were Story Telling Apes, or at least better at telling, and learning through, stories!

I’m not the only one who thinks so, “Our brains are structured to make sense of the world in the form of narratives – stories. Not only that, we are primed to believe the stories we hear.” see the re-blogged post last Thursday HERE!

I concede that there are probably other factors involved as well, but storytelling was (and hopefully still IS) a significant part of our species survival strategy.

If we cease to tell and learn from stories, then we too may become extinct because without them we will have created our very own ELE (Extinction Level Event).

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This wonderful guided meditation has deep faith at its root.

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Attend for a moment to you breathing. If you’re aware of heaviness in any part of your body, breathe the colour of water under a blue sky into that part and let the tension drift into the earth with the outbreath.

In your mind’s eye, find yourself in a meadow, abundant with scented wild flowers. Nearby is the outcrop of a mountain and a welcoming dry cave stirs your curiosity. Entering the cave, you find a spacious passage from which comes a luminous glow. All of a sudden you’re walking on air, and – like a feather on a breeze – you’re floating, floating gently downward into velvety twilight. In your heart you know you’re guided towards a special encounter.

A waft of fresh air brushes your skin. You find yourself standing in a soft beam of light from high above at the centre of a dome-shaped cavern. The circular wall…

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The excitement of discovery this corroboration of the crucial role of DNA as both the store and transmitter of experience, throughout space-time, cannot be expressed. It makes the underlying hypothesis of ‘Involution-An Odyssey’ easy to grasp and offers anyone interested a clear and explicit understanding. Please take the time to understand this for yourselves, because its relevance cannot be overstated. So exciting to understand creation and responsibility!

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Here’s something that everyone should know by now! Explained simply clearly, easy to understand – by SacredSarrah on you tube.

I found this on you tube and thought I’d share it here with you.  Enjoy! Learn! Have fun! Grow!






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Evolution Through “Involution”


This spontaneous help truly generous!

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On Twitter today I happened to stumble upon the account of the author of a fascinating book entitled Involution.

Philippa Rees‘ brilliant theory on evolution through “involution” states:

Involution presents a very simple hypothesis—that evolution has been the result of the ‘in-‘forming’ by memory of and in the very structure of cells and nervous systems, leading to the progress of the natural world and its convergence to a single species, Man. In man, at different levels(chemistry, DNA and latterly, the brain) lies the memory of the whole adventure.

Science is the recovery of this memory through the intuitions of genius and moments of inspiration. From unthinking unity (in early man), through fractured understanding (in intellectual inquiry) science returns back to the original unity at the start of creation. The severing of scientific intellect from spiritual integration has been the result. The fruit of the tree has afforded mastery, but at…

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